"A journey through varied landscapes with many stops and plenty of time to see everything. The Dutch tour leader, Bulgarian guide and local driver were a good team. The hotels were good with excellent meals in quiet and often beautiful places"

dhr J te Maarn

Travelling with BirdingBreaks BirdingBreaks – Dutch leading wildlife tour specialist Organisation

Travelling with BirdingBreaks- optimal enjoyment of birds and wildlife, travelling in small groups

BirdingBreaks is a professional travel organisation, which specializes in bird and nature holidays worldwide. BirdingBreaks, founded in 2006, has become the number one bird holiday tour organisation in The Netherlands with over 80 trips annually worldwide. Founded and run by avid travellers and keen birders­ – who have travelled to every part of the globe – we can offer you the best expertise from professionals who know what birders need and want, wherever, whenever!
Since our trips literally cover the globe, accommodation will always vary per trip. Our most important objective with regards to the accommodations that we use is to find the optimum combination between quality and location. The location should be as close as possible to the birding areas. The standard of the accommodation we use will be three stars. This three star rating should be considered a guideline. Cleanliness, proper facilities and environmental awareness are our basis.

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BirdingBreaks Guiding

BirdingBreaks is proud to have a great team of enthusiastic, dedicated professional tour leaders. On almost all of our trips we sent one or more tour leaders along. Most of our tour leaders live in The Netherlands, but some live in the countries that we visit. All of them are bilingual and speak very good English. Beside our tour leaders we almost always work with local birding guides and organisations. This combination enables us to work with great local up-to-date knowledge and optimal local logistics together with the organisational and social skills of the BirdingBreaks tour leaders. Our customers benefit from this combination in many ways, to make sure that our customers can focus on the most important thing: the endless enjoyment of birds and wildlife that our amazing planet has to offer!

Travelling with BirdingBreaks

BirdingBreaks specializes in travelling to remote areas. These may include areas where bureaucracy reigns and where schedules of flights or other transport are uncertain. Therefore BirdingBreaks needs to be flexible localy. We reserve the right to change the itinerary at any time and will not accept any liability for loss, theft or other damage caused by a change or delay of the schedule.


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