"Relaxed and yet find all the birds (thanks to the guide who was constantly alert)"

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BirdingBreaks tour categories

BirdingBreaks, founded in 2006 by Laurens Steijn, has become the number one bird holiday tour organisation in The Netherlands with over 80 trips annually worldwide. Founded and run by avid travellers and keen birders­ – who have travelled to every part of the globe – we can offer you the best expertise from professionals who know what birders need and want, wherever, whenever!

BirdingBreaks Group Tours

The bulk of our program are guided group tours. The group size varies from a minimum of five to a maximum of 14 people with an average of ten participants excluding the guides. This small group size enables everybody to experience the birds and wildlife equally and the great amount of flexibility guarantees we get to see almost everything we aim for. Group tours are a great way to meet like minded people who enjoy birding, wildlife and travelling alike. 
BirdingBreaks Expedition Cruises

BirdingBreaks is proud to offer a very broad range of expedition cruises. These expedition cruises are great adventures, which reach very remote locations with spectacular wildlife and sceneries. Expedition cruises are far from your everyday day cruises and a true feeling of adventure and expedition are what make these voyages unique. We offer a broad range of expeditions covering the the Arctic and Antarctica as well as the Russian Far East and The Pacific. An expedition cruise is really a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

BirdingBreaks Photographic Tours

Wildlife and especially bird photography, is more popular than ever. BirdingBreaks offers a good selection of photographic tours where bird and wildlife photography is the main focus. This means we travel in a even slower pace than on our birding group tours. This way we get to spend more time with the birds and give every photographer their maximum chance to take the shots they want to make. We also offer photo tours that make use of specially made bird photography hides. These give photographers unique opportunities to encounter wildlife up close. Sharing a passion for photography among fellow photographers is a great way to learn new skills in this wonderful trade.

BirdingBreaks Custom Tours

Basically all the destinations that we offer in our regular tour program can be arranged as private tours. This way we can cater to your specific needs and requirements. We arrange for all the logistics so you can enjoy the birds! Please do contact us for the possibilities.


Please be sure to visit www.birdingbreaks.nl on a regular basis or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with new tours, events and special promotions. Our website also contains many trip reports and photo's taken on our tours.

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