"On the one hand the participants were offered free time at the visisted sites if they wanted, anyone could desire his own pace. On the other hand the participants without telescope were always offered to look through the telescope. I have experienced this as very pleasant. The evening ritual of completing the daylist was very nice and convenient "

dhr M te Westervort

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6 November 2018The Gambia - introduction to tropical Africa112295,-Klaas de JongG18148
6 April 2019Cyprus - spring migration81550,-Klaas de JongG19046
26 April 2019Georgia – Raptors of Batumi91895,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG19051
26 May 2019Romania - Donau delta81575,-Theo AdmiraalG19084
3 September 2019Romania - Donau delta71495,-Klaas de JongG19124
6 December 2019The Gambia - introduction to tropical Africa112295,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG18180
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