"On the one hand the participants were offered free time at the visisted sites if they wanted, anyone could desire his own pace. On the other hand the participants without telescope were always offered to look through the telescope. I have experienced this as very pleasant. The evening ritual of completing the daylist was very nice and convenient "

dhr M te Westervort

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3 September 2018Jewel of the Russian Far East136050,-C1842
5 September 2018Spitsbergen - Greenland - Iceland145150,-C1848
7 November 2018Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp126350,-C1853
11 November 2018Birding Down Under - Subantarctic Islands1911250,-C1857
23 November 2018Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland115800,-C1854
28 November 2018Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp126350,-C1859
29 November 2018Galapagos of the southern ocean135760,-C1867
9 December 2018Antarctica and South Shetlands105200,-C1869
22 December 2018Galapagos of the southern ocean125940,-C1875
4 January 2019Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific83900,-C1901
11 January 2019In the wake of Scott and Shackleton3019500,-C1902
28 January 2019Expedition Antarctica116350,-C1906
6 February 2019Expedition Antarctica116350,-C1907
7 February 2019Expedition Antarctica116350,-C1908
9 February 2019In the wake of Scott and Shackleton3019500,-C1903
17 February 2019Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp126350,-C1910
7 March 2019Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp126350,-C1912
22 March 2019Antarctica: Cetaceans special104700,-C1915
3 June 2019North Atlantic Cruise122050,-C1920
25 June 2019In the wake of Bering147060,-C1970
3 July 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1927
5 July 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1928
14 July 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1929
23 July 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1930
1 August 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1931
10 August 2019Around Spitsbergen and Kvitoya104100,-C1932
17 August 2019Around Spitsbergen and Kvitoya104100,-C1934
19 August 2019Around Spitsbergen and Kvitoya104100,-C1935
26 August 2019North Spitsbergen - 82 Degrees North83300,-C1936
28 August 2019North Spitsbergen - 82 Degrees North83300,-C1937
1 November 2019Falklands Islands Exclusive!104850,-C1945
13 November 2019Birding Down Under - Subantarctic Islands1911250,-C1950
1 December 2019Galapagos of the southern ocean135950,-C1979
13 January 2020Ross Sea, incl. Helicopters3322500,-C2010
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