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26 June 2018In the wake of Bering146750,-C1823
6 July 2018Around Spitsbergen103950,-C1832
9 July 2018Chukotka: where Russia's days begins157500,-C1839
14 July 2018Around Spitsbergen103950,-C1833
1 August 2018Around Spitsbergen103950,-C1835
6 August 2018Bering Sea and Wrangel Island158850,-C1840
11 August 2018Around Spitsbergen103950,-C1836
20 August 2018Around Spitsbergen and Kvitoya103950,-C1838
20 August 2018Bering Sea and Wrangel Island158850,-C1841
3 September 2018Jewel of the Russian Far East136050,-C1842
5 September 2018Spitsbergen - Greenland - Iceland145150,-C1848
7 November 2018Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp Ortelius126350,-C1853
11 November 2018Birding Down Under - Subantarctic Islands1911250,-C1857
28 November 2018Antarctic Peninsula - Basecamp Ortelius126350,-C1859
29 November 2018Galapagos of the southern ocean135760,-C1867
9 December 2018Antarctica and South Shetlands105200,-C1869
22 December 2018Galapagos of the southern ocean125760,-C1875
4 January 2019Forgotten Islands of the South Pacific83750,-C1901
11 January 2019In the wake of Scott and Shackleton3018500,-C1902
28 January 2019Expedition Antarctica116350,-C1906
6 February 2019Expedition Antarctica116350,-C1907
7 February 2019Expedition Antarctica116350,-C1908
9 February 2019In the wake of Scott and Shackleton3018500,-C1903
17 February 2019Expedition Antarctica126350,-C1910
7 March 2019Expedition Antarctica126350,-C1912
22 March 2019Antarctica: Cetaceans special104700,-C1915
3 June 2019North Atlantic Cruise122050,-C1920
3 July 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1927
5 July 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1928
14 July 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1929
23 July 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1930
1 August 2019Around Spitsbergen104100,-C1931
10 August 2019Around Spitsbergen and Kvitoya104100,-C1932
17 August 2019Around Spitsbergen and Kvitoya104100,-C1934
19 August 2019Around Spitsbergen and Kvitoya104100,-C1935
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