"A journey through varied landscapes with many stops and plenty of time to see everything. The Dutch tour leader, Bulgarian guide and local driver were a good team. The hotels were good with excellent meals in quiet and often beautiful places"

dhr J te Maarn

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14 June 2018Uganda - Gorilla's and Shoebill184795,-Sander BotG18094
24 July 2018Kenya164995,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG18104
30 August 2018Georgia – Raptors of Batumi101850,-Folkert de BoerG18122
3 September 2018Bulgaria - autumn migration along the Black Sea71495,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG18124
4 September 2018Southern Spain - Tarifa and Coto Doñana81495,-Godfried SchreurG18129
11 September 2018Southern Spain - Tarifa and Coto Doñana81495,-Godfried SchreurG18126
26 September 2018Southern Portugal81495,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG18130
7 November 2018The Gambia - introduction to tropical Africa122295,-Klaas de JongG18148
15 November 2018Madagascar - endemics164495,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG18154
23 November 2018India - birds and tigers163495,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG18158
27 November 2018Colombia195150,-Sander BotG18160
4 December 2018Namibia154395,-Jack FolkersG18161
6 December 2018The Gambia - introduction to tropical Africa132350,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG18163
12 December 2018Southern Portugal - winter birding break81350,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG18168
23 January 2019Thailand173695,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG19005
4 February 2019The Gambia - introduction to tropical Africa142395,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG19008
2 April 2019Spain, Extremadura and Coto Doñana101950,-Godfried SchreurG19032
6 April 2019Cyprus - spring migration81550,-Klaas de JongG19046
22 April 2019Lesvos: spring migration!81395,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG19050
26 April 2019Georgia – Raptors of Batumi91895,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG19051
20 May 2019Finland, Lapland and Varangerfjord112495,-Godfried SchreurG19081
6 June 2019Iceland82750,-Godfried SchreurG19090
2 September 2019Georgia – Raptors of Batumi91895,-Nederlandstalige reisleiderG19122
15 September 2019Southern Spain - Tarifa and Coto Doñana81550,-Godfried SchreurG19126
15 December 2019Southern Portugal - winter birding break81395,-Godfried SchreurG19190
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